Message from Gabriela ~

Dear GPCP Families,
The anticipation is building up for our 2018 Annual Auction!  
I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your support and collaboration.  Special thanks go to the Auction co-chairs, Jenn McEwen and Keisha Green, and the entire Auction committee!  Also, big thanks to Jenny Rutherford for her strong leadership as fundraising chair!
The Annual Auction is a significant event for GPCP, not only because it helps us raise money to cover staff benefits, but also because it brings us all together as a school community!  This is always a special time to enjoy ourselves and celebrate all the wonderful things our school has to offer! I look forward to having a wonderful time on Saturday, March 24th!

Auction Deadlines -
- ALL donations and online donation forms are due TODAY, Friday March 9th.
- Childcare online registration is due by Wednesday March 14th.


Saturday, March 24th - Celebration of Friendship GPCP Annual Auction at Trees Atlanta!

The auction is also the last way for each family to fulfill your mandatory volunteer shift, if you did not volunteer at the Grant Park Tour of Homes in December.

Please take a moment to read my March Newsletter.

The upcoming workday is this Saturday, March 10th.


Thank you for your strong support and ongoing collaboration!  

Sincerely, Gabriela


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