Message from Gabriela ~

Dear GPCP Families,

We are only a day away from our 20th Annual Auction. I look forward to gathering as a whole community and celebrating the fabulous work created by our children and educators. A big thanks goes to all of the educators for facilitating such rich experiences and for following the evolving interests of the children in connection to the auction projects. To learn more about each project, please take a moment to read the classroom letters attached below.

Have you prepared your 1920s Great Gatsby themed attire?

Have you purchased your tickets? -

Want a sneak peek of all of our great silent auction items and experiences? Visit while you're there, please create an account. It's quick and easy and will allow you to place and track bids right from your phone during the auction!


See you on Saturday at Trees Atlanta!


Please take a moment to read about the children’s auction work process in the March Class letters:

CT Cats March Newsletter

GP Cats  March Newsletter

CT Ladybugs March Newsletter

GP Ladybugs  March Newsletter

CT Frogs  March Newsletter

GP Swans March Newsletter


Important Dates
Saturday, March 23th - Gala in the Grove GPCP Annual Auction at Trees Atlanta!

Staff Appreciation Week - March 25th - 29th

Monday, March 25th- April prepaid form AND payment is due by 6:00pm

Monday, April 1st - Friday, April 5th -School CLOSED for Spring Break And Spring Mini Camp at GP Campus

April 27th - 29th - GPCP Spring Camping Trip

Thank you for your strong support and ongoing collaboration!  

Sincerely, Gabriela


Directors Monthly Letter 3- September 2018 (1).pdf (PDF)
GP Cats September Newsletter_ (1)-min.pdf (PDF)
_GP Ladybugs September Newsletter_ (1)-min.pdf (PDF)
Ct Ladybugs September Newsletter (1)-min.pdf (PDF)
CT Frogs September Newsletter_-min.pdf (PDF)
CT Naturalist September Newsletter-min (1).pdf (PDF)
GP Atelierista September Newsletter-min_.pdf (PDF)
CT Cats September Newsletter_-min.pdf (PDF)
GP Swans September Newsletter 2018-min.pdf (PDF)
GP Naturalist September Newsletter (1)-min.pdf (PDF)
GP Naturalist September Newsletter (2)-min.pdf (PDF)
Directors Monthly letter 3 October 2018 (1).pdf (PDF)
Director's November Letter (PDF)
CT Cats November Newsletter (4)-min.pdf (PDF)
CT Ladybugs November Newsletter-min.pdf (PDF)
GP Cats November Newsletter (1)-min.pdf (PDF)
GP Ladybugs November Newsletter (3)-min.pdf (PDF)
CT Frogs November Newsletter (1)-min.pdf (PDF)
GP Swans November Newsletter (1)-min (1).pdf (PDF)
CT Naturalist November Newsletter-min.pdf (PDF)
GP Naturalist November Newsletter (2)-min.pdf (PDF)
GP Atelierista November Newsletter (1)-min.pdf (PDF)
CT Cats November Newsletter (5)-min.pdf (PDF)
Director's Monthly Letter - December 2018 - 3-min.pdf (PDF)
Letter to families about tuition increase.pdf (PDF)
Director's Monthly Letter - January 2019 (1).pdf (PDF)
2019 GPCP Auction Family Packet_.docx (1).pdf (PDF)
CT Cats January Newsletter-min.pdf (PDF)
GP Cats January Newsletter (1)-min.pdf (PDF)
CT Frogs January Newsletter (1)-min.pdf (PDF)
GP Swans January Newsletter (1)-min.pdf (PDF)
GP Naturalist January Newsletter (1)-min.pdf (PDF)
GP Atelierista January Newsletter (1)-min.pdf (PDF)
GP Ladybugs January Newsletter (2)-min.pdf (PDF)
CT Naturalist January Newsletter-min.pdf (PDF)
CT Ladybugs January Newsletter-min.pdf (PDF)
Child Talk #1.pdf (PDF)
GP Cats February Newsletter (PDF)
GP Ladybug's February Newsletter (PDF)
GP Swans February Newsletter (PDF)
CT Frogs February Newsletter (PDF)
CT Cats February Newsletter (2)-min.pdf (PDF)
CT Ladybugs February Newsletter-min.pdf (PDF)
CT Naturalist February Newsletter (1)-min.pdf (PDF)
GP Naturalist February Newsletter-min.pdf (PDF)
GP Atelierista February Newsletter (4)-min.pdf (PDF)
GalaPoster.pdf (PDF)
CT Ladybugs March Newsletter.pdf (PDF)
CT Frogs March Newsletter.pdf (PDF)
GP Ladybugs March Newsletter.pdf (PDF)
GP Cats March Newsletter (1).pdf (PDF)
CT Cats March Newsletter.pdf (PDF)
GP Swans March Newsletter 2019.pdf (PDF)