Message from Gabriela ~

Dear GPCP Families,
To celebrate the holiday season,
the GPCP Board will be hosting a party at my house for all staff and their significant others tomorrow night. This will be a  really nice celebration and I am so thankful for the commitment of the board members and the committee chairs who will participate. THANK YOU for your ongoing support and strong contributions!

This time also marks the end of the first half of the school year. We have had a strong start and it is time now to pause and spend valuable time with our families and loved ones during the holiday season!


Our educators are also spending time to analyze and reflect on the work they’ve done so far this year, as a way to make new projections for the second half of the year.


Please take a moment to read my December Newsletter.


Before we go on break, I have some reminders and  important announcements:


Winter Break - School Closed December 25th- January 5th. Regular school will resume Monday, January 8th.


Winter Mini Camp: Tuesday through Thursday, January 2nd-  January 5th at the Cabbagetown Campus -9:00 am to 1:00 pm (NO extended day offered).  


Deadline January Prepaid Extended Day: Tuesday, December 19th by 6pm.

Save the Date: Saturday, March 24th - GPCP Annual Auction at Trees Atlanta!
Stay tuned for more detailed information.


Happy Holidays!  


Director's Monthly Letter - August 2017.pdf (PDF)
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GP Ladybugs October Newsletter-min.pdf (PDF)
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Director's Monthly Letter - December 2017 (2).pdf (PDF)