Grant Park Cooperative Preschool

Our school has an alarm system in each campus. Outside of business hours, our school is secured and the alarm is set. We ask that you do not enter our school after hours, unless you have made arrangements with us and have the alarm code.

New Family registration runs from Sunday, January 27th until Thursday, February 7th after the second Open House.  Applications and fees must be received no later than 4:00pm on the Thursday, February 7th.

Each Open House will last approximately 1 ½ hours. The Open House consists of a presentation about the school's philosophy and parent participation, a question/answer session and a tour of the campus in which the Open House is being held.

If a family attends a session at one campus and wishes to tour the other campus, tours will be held as follows:
Tuesday, January 29th 10:00am – Tour of Cabbagetown Campus, 177 Estoria St.
Tuesday, February, 5th 10:00am – Tour of Grant Park Campus, 501 Grant St.

Families are only required to attend one Open House, but can apply to either or both campuses.

Lottery Procedure
If the number of applications received by the application deadline (Thursday, February 7th) exceeds the number of available spaces, a lottery will take place following the close of the application period. The lottery drawing is closed to the public and will be attended by the Executive Director, the Assistant Director and a board member. Families will be notified of the outcome of the lottery by the end of the following week.
After available spaces have been filled through the lottery draw, the draw will continue to determine the order of placement on the waitlist.

With the guidance of the Naturalist, children are involved in preparing the soil in the school's garden, planting and growing the vegetables. Together with the children, the Naturalist and Educators plan the seasonal crops and decide the location of the plants. Throughout the growing season children weed, water, maintain and harvest the garden regularly. Gardening reinforces responsibility and respect for nature, by creating awareness of where food comes from and how plants grow. It increases knowledge of the seasons and instills the value of nutrition and sustainability of seasonal eating. Care-taking chickens and eating eggs from the school's chicken coop is also part of the experience the children receive with the Farm to School Program.

Educators and children prepare the food each day.  The Farm to School daily lunch consists of a nut-free, vegetarian meal that includes organic milk, delivered weekly from Nature's Garden. They chop and steam the vegetables and grains, and serve the delicious meals to each classroom. Simple, small appliances such as steamers and crock pots are used to cook the food. Each day lunch consists of some type of bean (protein), a grain, one or two vegetables and a fruit. The children also make bread for special occasions and have been known to make pizza dough, pasta and cheese.

Besides food that is harvested from the school's own gardens and produce supplemented from the DeKalb International Farmer's Market and Whole Foods, we have partnered with two farms and receive weekly CSA's (Community Supported Agriculture). Riverview Farms located in Ranger, Georgia, deliver the CSA boxes to a neighbor in Grant Park from where children and educators pick up weekly. The second CSA is with Brightside Farms and is located on Bouldercrest Road, just two miles south of the East Atlanta Village. This partnership gives us the opportunity to experience the life of a working farm on a regular basis. The children take regular field trips to pick up the CSA and to interact with the food and the animals that live on the farm. Erin Cescutti is the young and passionate farmer who is behind the operations of the farm. You can meet Erin at the Grant Park Farmers Market on any given Sunday.

“I am excited to see the children so eager to try the foods that we are introducing to them with the lunch program! It is wonderful to see healthy eating habits being established. I love the opportunity to help provide this fresh and local food to the children as well as to my own child within the school community! I get more and more enthusiastic about the new hot lunch program! Seeing the children crunching on fresh raw burgundy okra is a thing of beauty!” ~ Amber Carpenter, mother of Luna Wren

Alumni Highlight: The Amoyal Family- GPCP has seen such a diversity of families and children through our halls since the school was founded in 2000.  We have begun a series of Alumni Highlights this year, to remember some of those families and children that made great contributions to our school.  We want to find out what they have achieved since leaving GPCP and thank them for their contributions to GPCP!  Our current Alumni Highlight is on the Amoyal family here.

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