Creating the Mud Monster

Children's Design Ideas for the Sculpture

When the children first started to imagine what the sculpture will look like they did many drawings that reveal the level of logical thinking that they use. One side features a mythological character the children imagined and called the "Mud Monster". The Mud Monster lives in our neighborhood park, Grant Park,  and is the imaginative creation of the children in our school. Children drew the MUD MONSTER for one side of the sculpture with big face features and a colorful belly button.

For the other side of the sculpture children came up with the idea that it will look like nature and gave it a name, “DOWN EARTH, UP SKY.” The drawings show the preferences of the children for hot lava at the bottom, green grass with few colorful flowers, butterflies and bumblebees, spider webs with a complex web designs, sun and a sky!

"We want the sculpture to be beautiful for everyone to look." - Caroline Smith

"I like the butterflies and the flowers." - Emma Hilleary

"And hot lava." - Lucas Begin

"And we all like webs too." - Caroline Smith