Creating the Mud Monster

Practicing with Mosaic Materials

In the Atelier children practice making mosaic, working on individual small designs, taking the steps of imagining how the piece will look, drawing sketches of it, gluing the chosen jewels and rocks and grouting.

"When Niki was a child she was doing mosaic, like we do mosaic. She was practicing for a long time then she did her big sculptures, and she had a lot of help, because her sculptures are high to the sky, like us, we need help with our sculpture the same like Niki, and maybe we will make a big sculpture like Niki did." - Emma, age 5

Mosaic Chair: Rocket for Girls and Boys
For the annual auction, a group of children started work on the chair. This is a really fascinating project. The children faced many obstacles that they had to solve and to find creative ways to work all together as a group. They conceived the idea when they could not find a flat piece of wood so they saw the abandoned chair in our storage place under the stairs and remembered Niki’s mosaic chair. Then the children went through the process of looking for design ideas and finding the right name for the chair project. They asked questions that led them to solving problems and the negotiating process: how can everyone’s ideas and designs could be included? How many parts there are on the chair? How many people are involved in this creation?