Creating the Mud Monster

Preparing the Sculpture

Children's conversation about the work on the sculpture

Jan 9, 2007
Tali: how do you think Niki made those sculptures?
Emma: Niki was using rocks and glass, stones and glue. But first she draws her idea on a piece of paper.
Ethan: Maybe Niki will come here to make our sculpture.
Caroline: But she died…silly.
Emma: she decorates her sculptures like she decorates cake.
See here, the flower in the blue part is like it (referring to the “blue rocket sculpture” in the gardens)
Emma: she had an idea in her head and she drew it on a piece of paper.
Ethan: on a big piece of paper, see how big it is? (Pointing to the sculpture)
Emma: she gave a name to her sculpture and then she started to draw it on a piece of paper and then she took a ladder so she can reach up there, like this sculpture is touching the sky(pointing to the “blue rocket” sculpture).
Ethan: we will may do our sculpture up to the sky.

Jan 11, 2007
Caroline: It's taking so long to make this moon, that’s why I said that Niki needs help to make all this sculptures in the Botanical gardens.
We can get help for our sculpture; we can get Flora and Maddie to help. We can say: please help us finish our sculpture.
We need to do the top and the bottom. We need to a lot of glue to stick all the stuff you want to put there.
We need to get the glue on the sculpture then we need the jewels, first comes the glue then the jewels.

Jan 17, 2007
Yael: I think that Niki puts the piece of wood and then the Mosaics.
Joseph: I think she did it the same way we did it to our sculpture.
Yael: she drew on the paper and then on the wood.
Joseph: she draws a huge drawing because the sculptures are so big.