Preschool Summer Camps 2018

Welcome to GPCP Summer Camp 2018!

 Here are a few things you should know about starting Summer Camp at GPCP this year. Please be sure to check the main body of the Summer Camp page for updates and camp letters throughout the summer.  


We have three different camp locations during summer:
- Preschool Age Camps will be held at the Grant Park Campus (except for swim camp)
- School Age Camps will be held at Cabbagetown Campus for both morning and Extended Day Programs (except for swim camp morning program)
- Swim Camps will be held at the Grant Park pool (available to multiage classroom and school age children only)


Candace Dupree is GPCP’s Summer Camp Coordinator Educators from both campuses will be teaching during the summer camps.



Morning Program from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Early Arrival hours (7:30 am to 9:00 am) & Extended Day hours (1:00 pm to 6:00 pm) hours are offered at an extra cost. The cost is $6.00/hour for “prepaid” OR $8.00/hr for “drop in” if space is available. The “prepaid” form for June is due, Thursday, May 24th  by 6pm. The pre-paid form can be found digitally on the Summer Camp page of the GPCP webpage. Printed copies will also be available in the foyer of both the Grant Park and Cabbagetown campuses.


School Age Swim Camp: If your school age child will participate in swim camp and extended day please note the extended day is held at the Cabbagetown campus. School Age children will need to be transported at the end of each morning from the Grant Park Pool to the Cabbagetown Campus. Please sign the transportation permission form for each day that extended day and transportation will be needed and leave your child’s labeled car seat or booster at the pool during drop off. More transportation details will be provided soon.


 What to bring: Each child should have a labeled water cup or bottled water packed for their camp each day. Also, make sure your child has two sets of extra clothes on site, also labeled, and wears comfortable closed toe shoes. If your child is in diapers, please provide diapers and wipes for them each week. Children in swim camps as well as school age camps (with the exception of Farm to table camp) should also bring a packed lunch each day. WE ARE A NUT FREE SCHOOL; No nuts of any kind are allowed in camps.For new familes please send a headshot of your child's cubby picture to Melissa at


Please apply sunscreen and bug spray to your child before coming to school and we will re-apply halfway through the day with school purchased sunscreen and bug spray for the children attending extended day.


Please make sure GPCP has your child's current immunization records and all emergency contact information. Immunization records can be faxed to 404-525-3578.


All children must have enrollment forms and emergency contact card on file at the GPCP camp location. Please print the paperwork here and bring the forms with you on the first day of camp You can also find these forms on the Summer Camp page attached on the right side of the page. If you are unable to print ahead of time, we will have the forms available for you, but please allow extra time at drop-off to complete them.  New families will also need a few more minutes to set up a profile on the computer for whoever is dropping off and picking up your child.


We will  send out more detailed information for each individual camp session. The first email, for Session I will go out this Friday, May 25th or next Thursday May 31st.


Lunch: We will continue to serve lunch for the preschool age children whose camps are held at the Grant Park Campus building (@ St. Paul UMC).

Children enrolled in Swim Camp and in the School Age Camps will bring their own lunch from home each day. WE ARE A NUT FREE SCHOOL; No nuts of any kind are allowed in camps.



The Preschool Age Camps’ snack is provided by its families on a rotating schedule (including Swim Camp). Snack assignments are available as a link on the Summer Camp page.  Make note of days you are responsible for snack. The number in parenthesis is the number of children that you should provide snack for.  If you have any questions please let Melissa know via email at We supply snack for the School Age Camps.


Please remember to provide a snack that is age appropriate for the youngest child in the class. Children in the Cats and Ladybugs Class may not be served raw carrots or whole grapes. Grapes MUST BE CUT IN HALF.


Snack Suggestions: Healthy and nutritious snacks are strongly encouraged and greatly appreciated.  Cookies, candy, chocolate and sugary treats are NOT allowed at school.  Please follow the guidelines in the Family Handbook for healthy snacks.  Due to state regulations, only commercially prepared foods are allowed in their pre-packaged containers, and fruits and vegetables whole (no homemade foods). Please plan to spend a few minutes preparing the snack tray for your child’s class in the kitchenette of the Swans classroom (the first room on the right once you enter the preschool). This means that fruit and vegetables cannot be cut at home and snacks cannot be prepared ahead of time at home either, ie; celery with sunbutter, smoothies or yogurt and blueberries.  All of these are wonderful examples of healthy snacks; however they need to be prepared in the Kitchenette at school.  If this is not clear, consult with the educators.  Water is available throughout the day and children must bring their own water bottle.  WE ARE A NUT FREE SCHOOL; No nuts of any kind are allowed in camps.  Snack for School Age Camps will be provided by the school.


Swim Camp (Multiage): Swim Camp will meet at the Grant Park Swimming Pool (corner of Park Avenue and Berne street) at 9:00 am.  For detailed information about this camp, please access the Swim Camp welcome letter that will go out this next Thursday.  


Cats, Ladybugs and other Multiage Camps: All other preschool age camps will be held at the Grant Park campus. There will be weekly visits to the Zoo Atlanta, Cabbagetown Park, or the Beltline during this summer’s camps. Please check daily for field trip forms requiring your signature.  

Swim Camp (School Age): Swim Camp will meet at the Grant Park Swimming Pool (corner of Park Avenue and Berne street) at 9:00 am.  For detailed information about this camp, please access the Swim Camp welcome letter that will go out next Thursday.  


School Age Camps: All other School Age Camps will be held at the Cabbagetown Campus (177 Estoria Street). There will be regular visits to Cabbagetown Park during this year’s camp. Please check daily for field trip forms requiring your signature.  

A word on Parent Helpers: Although Parent Helper days are not required during summer camp, you are welcomed and your time and support is appreciated in the classrooms. A sign-up calendar will be posted for families to volunteer as a parent helper during the summer.  Please consider signing up for at least one day this summer.  The participation of parents enriches the quality of the work. Your presence is missed by children and educators during the summer!
Entrance Keypad code: The code is the same at both campuses.  If you are new to GPCP and do not know the code to get in, please ring the bell and someone will open the door for you. The door code is only provided to adults authorized to drop off and pick up children. Please do not give out the code to anyone. Please do not enter the schools before or after school hours.
The schools have an alarm system which is enabled during non-business hours. Please do not attempt to enter the buildings for any reason when staff is not present!


If you have questions or need more information, please contact

Melissa Freeman at 404.521.0440 or at


You can also reach Candace Dupree Summer Camp Coordinator at



Liza Dickerson -Operations Manager- at


We are looking forward to another wonderful summer. We are so happy you choose to spend your summer with us! Thank you for your participation in GPCP sum