GPCP Summer Camps 2017

Welcome to Session III of GPCP Summer Camp 2017!

We have had a fabulous Session I & II of Summer Camp so far!


Please take a moment to read the Session III Welcome Letters for your child's camp session as they contain important information specific to that camp.

Cats Class- Session III- The Mud Monster

Ladybugs Class- Session III- The Mud Monster

Multi-Age Class- Session III- The Mud Monster

Multi- Age Class- Session III - The Magic of Light


Please view the snack schedule for your respecitive class below:
Session III -Younger Snack Schedule

Session III-Multiage Snack Schedule

If your child is starting with us in Session III here are a few things you should know about starting Summer Camp at GPCP this year.


We have three different camp locations during summer:

  • Preschool Age Camps will be held at the Grant Park Campus (except for swim camp)

  • School Age Camps will be held at Cabbagetown Campus for both morning and Extended Day Programs (except for swim camp morning program)

  • Swim Camps will be held at the Grant Park pool (available to multiage classroom and school age children only)


Candace Dupree is GPCP’s Summer Camp Coordinator ( Educators from both campuses will be teaching during the summer camps.



Morning Program from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Early Arrival hours (7:30 am to 9:00 am) & Extended Day hours (1:00 pm to 6:00 pm) hours are offered at an extra cost.

You can read more about the logistics of summer camp in the Summer Camp 2017 Welcome Letter.

If your child will not be attending summer camp please pick up your child's belongings from their respective campuses and remember to also check lost and found. We will be donating all left over clothes and items at the end of the first week of summer camp.

If you are new to GPCP, your child must have enrollment forms and an emergency contact card on file at GPCP before camp begins. Please print the paperwork and bring the forms with you on the first day of camp. If you are unable to print ahead of time, we will have the forms available for you, but please allow extra time at drop-off to complete.  All new families will need a few minutes to set up a profile on the computer for whoever is dropping off and picking up your child.  Current Immunization Forms are also required.  They may be faxed to 404-525-3577.