Message from Gabriela ~

Dear GPCP Families,
We are looking forward to our Graduation and End of the Year Celebration, Friday, May 17th @ the Milledge Fountain in Grant Park!  This is a family event for both campuses and we would love to see you all there.

The Graduation Ceremony will begin promptly at 9:30am at the Milledge Fountain in Grant Park.  All children and families from both multi age classes, Swans and Frogs, are invited to participate in the ceremony.  The graduation ceremony will take approximately one hour.

Following the graduation ceremony, all children and families from the Cats and Ladybugs classes will join us for the End-Of-The-Year Celebration at 10:45am in the same place.  The Celebration will begin promptly at 11:00 am. Both events will end with a picnic lunch around Sally, the climbing tree. Popsicles and milk will be provided by the school. Each family will bring their own picnic lunch.

Rain Plan for Graduation Ceremony: in the event of rain, we will proceed with the plans for the Graduation Ceremony in the Sanctuary at St. Paul United Methodist Church.  The children and families from both multi age classes will meet at St. Paul UMC’s Sanctuary at 9:00am. The ceremony will take place from 9:30 to 10:30 followed by photo shoots on the side of the Sanctuary.  

Rain Plan for end-of-the-year Celebration: in the event of rain the plans for the celebration will be replaced by a special lunch in your child’s classroom.  In this case it will be a regular school day for Cats and Ladybugs classes in their respective classrooms.

Please remember to apply sunscreen on your child and bring a labeled water bottle full with cold water (it is going to be a hot day).  Also, children should wear light clothes and they may bring a hat.

Read more detailed information about the Graduation and EOYC in your class letters:

CT Cats May Newsletter

GP Cats  May Newsletter

CT Ladybugs May Newsletter

GP Ladybugs  May Newsletter

CT Frogs May Newsletter

GP Swans May Newsletter

Please support GPCP's book fundraiser through Usborne Book Fair! A huge thanks to Grace Ligocki (GP Swan's Parent) for coordinating the sale. GPCP receives 50% of the sales in free books. We will be extending the book run at the Grant Park campus through next week. Thank you for your support!


June prepaid extended forms and payments are due on or before Wednesday, May 22nd by 6:00 p.m.


The Workday will not take place tomorrow, Saturday May 11th.  We will let you know of the new date as soon as we reschedule it.


It is time to place your yearbook order! You can please fill out the order form (posted in the foyer) and return it with the payment.  

Preview the yearbook here:


The last day of school for children is Thursday, May 23rd.

Thank You,




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