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During the last decades, the city of Atlanta has been experiencing a radical transformation. Many people are now choosing to live in older in-town neighborhoods that value community. They are also rescuing beautiful homes that were neglected in the second half of the last century. Grant Park is an excellent example of this trend. The people in this community want to connect with history and with other people. There are different networks and groups working in this direction. At some point, education for young children became a need that had to find its voice and space.

Gabriela Garcia, after being involved for four years as a parent and Spanish teacher at Inman Park Cooperative Preschool, a school located in a neighboring community, brought the idea of creating a “twin” school in Grant Park, since the demand for a school for young children was so clear.

The idea took shape when a small but enthusiastic group of parents and church representatives met at Gabriela’s house. From this encounter came the decision to move forward with a new preschool. With the support of interested families and the community at large the school opened its doors nine months later, serving forty children, ages one to four. Currently the school serves more than 60 families.

GPCP chose to be a cooperative so parents can participate actively in their children’s education. As a non-profit cooperative organization, parents are fully responsible for the operation of the school, and this participation has been part of our identity as a learning community.

In February of 2006, the idea of growing and opening a second campus was presented to our school by a family in Cabbagetown.  The GPCP board embraced the idea and a new group of founding families got to work.  The Cabbagetown Campus operated on the top floor of St. Paul United Methodist Church during its first school year and the newly renovated building welcomed children and families in October of 2007 during the campus' second year of operations.


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