The cooperative nature of the Preschool is crucial to both its identity and its future. It is the commitment and enthusiasm of each member that makes the Preschool a vital and growing operation. For this reason, we ask you to consider carefully how you might best participate in the workings of the school, so that you, your child/children, and the Preschool all benefit. We also believe that as the school and our children do well, so does our community thrive.

Parent participation at the Preschool is so extensive and varied that there will be many ways for you to find your niche. Please do not hesitate to ask questions, volunteer your special skills, and share with us experiences you have gained elsewhere. If you would like to be more involved, feel free to talk to the Director or the Board President.

To assure fair and effective operation of the Preschool, each family is expected to meet the following basic requirements:
1. Committee Work – Each family shall become an active member of one of the school’s standing committees. Families are invited to select two committees of their choice and they are assigned to one of them. Committee work requires approximately three (3) hours per month, though the time may be concentrated around specific activities during the year. Committee chairs will track members’ time to ensure families are fulfilling their agreements, using their best judgment. In the event a committee has no chair and therefore members have no direction on how to fulfill their requirements, the GPCP Board Chair, in cooperation with the Pedagogical Support Chairs will provide volunteer options to those families and ensure there is ample opportunity to meet the committee work Agreement. Families who do not fulfill this agreement will be billed a $75.00 fee.
2. Building and Grounds Workdays. Each family shall attend one workday per academic year. These usually occur on Saturday mornings and involve projects as varied as cleaning and painting to playground maintenance and landscaping. Families who do not fulfill agreement will be billed a $75.00 fee.

3. Fundraising and Auction - GPCP has a number of events and activities throughout the year that help the school raise funds, including the Annual Auction as well as other fundraising events like the Candlelight Tour of Homes, etc.    
Each family must volunteer for a work shift for either the Auction or another Fundraiser event.. Families who fail to fulfill this agreement will be billed a $75 fee.
Each family is required to donate a minimum of two items to the Auction, items that will realistically sell at the auction for a combined total of $200 or more. Families may make a contribution of $250 in lieu of item donations. Families who fail to fulfill this agreement by the donation deadline will be billed a $300 fee on the next billing period.  

4. Workdays. Each family must actively participate by volunteering for a shift during an event such as the Grant Park Candlelight Tour of Homes, help prepare for an event such as the annual wrapping paper sale or assist the fundraising group in another capacity. (While our restaurant dine-out programs or purchasing goods from sales do not provide a fundraising credit, they are important parts of our fundraising program and families are encouraged to participate by promoting them to friends and family and participating as able.)  Failure to fulfill this requirement will result in a fine of $75.00.    
5. Parent Helper - Each family is required to work at the Preschool as a Parent Helper approximately one day each month, depending on the number of days your child/children attend school.  Parent helpers are also required to bring a nutritious snack for the entire class on the day that they are signed up to be a parent helper.  Families who fail to fulfill their scheduled parent helper day/s, will be billed a $100 fee for each day not fulfilled. GPCP is a nut-free school and, therefore, nuts, nut butters, and/or foods containing nuts or made with or from nuts are not allowed in snacks or lunches.  Foods for snacks and celebrations must come to school in original commercial packaging. Fresh fruit and vegetables must be cut up at school in the kitchenette in the Swans’ classroom or in the kitchen at Cabbagetown.  (See pages 33-34 for information regarding acceptable snack foods.)

Assigned Number of Parent Helper Days
Child attends 2 days/week
9 PH days/year

Child attends 3 days/week
10 PH days/year

Child attends 5 days/week      
11 PH days/year

Families with multiple children attending multiple # of days
12 PH days/year

In addition, the number of required days will decrease as children move up in class age, except for cases when a second child is added.  
For example: a family with only one child enrolled at school 5 days in the Cats’ class will be assigned 11 PH days/school year.  When the child moves up to the Ladybugs class, the number assignment will reduce to 10 for that family's second year at GPCP.  The number will then increase to 12 on the third year, IF the family enrolls a second child at the school, having a total of two children enrolled.    

Applicable fees will be billed to families during the April billing cycle, giving families fair notice to pay before the end of the year, and also ample opportunity to fulfill outstanding Parent Helper, Committee, Auction, Workday, or Fundraising requirements and thereby have the fees waived.  
Other Agreements Include:

1. Attend parent meetings. In addition to the Back to School Night (mandatory), there will be parent teacher meetings in the evening every other month throughout the year. Dates for these meetings are noted in your calendar.
2. Drive on field trips whenever possible. 

This multi-level participation in the Preschool enables parents to share in their child's Preschool experience, ensures a quality program through the combined efforts and talents of the entire Preschool community, and provides an opportunity to share and grow in our parenting roles in an atmosphere of mutual support. Further, it provides an environment where children learn cooperation from the example of their parents and teachers working closely together. The experiences gained in Preschool participation also aid parents in acquiring skills necessary to become effective advocates for their child's future educational experiences and opportunities.